Blue Streaks of Red (Photography)

23746_549056121773537_1062982094_nThis is an exuberant sunset study taken from my bedroom window one late October evening in the late autumn of 2012 with no equipment aside from a basic Pentax bridge camera.

I could have very easily boosted the depth of field before taking this picture in order to give the image a cheerful 3D profile but looking back, I’m very relieved that I didn’t as it’s the simplicity of this image that allows the viewer to concentrate more on the vivid colours of the sky rather than the detail of the trees and clouds.

But the most striking thing about this image by far is the vicious attack conveyed between the broiling hot colours of red, and the arctic glacier colours of blue, both of which are complimentary to the conflicting dark woodland silhouette that sits at the base of the picture, posing as a further contradiction between the splashy colours of the sky and clouds in this photograph.


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